Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices and Traditional Management Assignment

Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices and Traditional Management Practices - Assignment Example According to the research findings, the difference between Total quality management (TQM) practices and traditional management practices in relation with management systems is that in TQM, all employees of the organization play their role in improving the efficiency of the organization in order to achieve long-term success through customer satisfaction. Both management and the employees make their efforts to improve the business processes and policies. Whereas if we talk about traditional management practices, we can say that the management staff practicing tradition management is more concerned with business processes and the customer side is often ignored or given less attention. Another negative aspect regarding traditional management practices is that the management is less innovative and does not want to involve employees’ views in decision-making processes. Organizational structure refers to the way through which management of an organization use employees and department s to drive the organization towards the achievement of different goals and objectives. For any organization, such as healthcare organizations, the structure plays an important role in its success because structure clarifies roles and responsibilities of every employee. â€Å"Organizational structure provides the guidelines for the system of reporting that drives an organization†. TQM views organizational structure as one unit whereas traditional management takes it as different units putting their efforts to achieve their respective goals. TQM gives importance to collective efforts to reach organizational goals and objectives whereas traditional managers do not want to take ideas of employees in making any kind of policy and views all departments as different units of the organization. Management’s role is critical to the success of any organization. For example, in a healthcare organization, management assigns tasks to different departments based on the nature of task s and the departments make their efforts to complete those tasks. The role of management using TQM is quite different to the role of the management practicing traditional management style. â€Å"TQM takes into account all quality measures taken at all levels and involving all company employees†.

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