Thursday, October 3, 2019

Great Advertisement Essay Example for Free

Great Advertisement Essay When you think about advertisements you don’t realize what’s within, Weasel words. Weasel words are just a tricky skill used by the advertisers. People who try to persuade you into buying their product are using a trick mask they hope you don’t see. While thinking of how to develop this essay I found a great advertisement that relates a Wrinkle-free lotion to be exact. I looked at it and I was surprised to see how fake it looked, and how desperate they were. Also how badly they wanted for the audience to buy it. They used weasel words in all of the advertisement; it was basically covered with it. An example is â€Å"less wrinkles in only sixty minutes†. The â€Å"Less wrinkles† statement doesn’t actually tell you that all your wrinkles are going to go away it may be only some or maybe just one. â€Å"Sixty minutes† statement is another weasel word because that’s basically what people like to hear and say â€Å"wow this really works†. Plus the pictures has a big role in all this, It shows a before and after picture. That’s how they try to get our attention away from the actual meaning. The whole advertisement is misleading. Why? It gives a wrong impression. It says less wrinkles not every wrinkle will disappear, which is what the viewers have in mind that all the wrinkles will go away. Another misleading fact is that it says sixty minutes. Well what about if you leave it on for sixty minutes but it still hasn’t worked enough so you leave it longer but you think â€Å"Oh it’s just 10 minutes more†. They impress the viewer with the sixty minutes when that is not even realistic or possible maybe with a surgery you can have less wrinkles in some hours not with a lotion. Also the viewer doesn’t know what is in the lotion they just put it on because on the advertisement it says it works. The viewer may be putting something on their skin that can damage it permanently. To make it even better they add an image that tricks the viewer. Well first of all, it looks like two different people. The image which is the lady with wrinkles is an older woman. The other lady has no wrinkles at all and is young like in her twenties and in the bottom it has a caption that says â€Å"I’m wrinkle less†. Another strategy is they go towards a certain audience. The audience is mostly for women in their thirty’s and up. When seeing an advertisement you don’t realize that beneath it theirs tricks used by the advertiser. Many products can trick us with images or emotionally. Especially when its something that people want. Just remember how advertisers twist words to make us think one thing when its another, that’s because they know weasel words.

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