Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Race, Gender, and Work Experiences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Race, Gender, and Work Experiences - Essay Example Various social clusters of individuals are classified according to their assignments, manner of conduct, and also the way of dressing. People are also grouped according to their level of income, status, influence, and supremacy within the society. There is a notion that there are jobs that suits women and those that suit men. It is important to point out that gender inequality has been prevalent in the work places (Satzewich 4). I work in a car mechanical repair shop as a receptionist in Edmonton, Canada. According to the Gender Gap Report of 2013, Canada is positioned at position 23 in terms of gender inequality and position 9 in gender inequality on the basis of economic involvement and opportunity. The 2010 NHS statistical data showed that the average level of income of native immigrants with a certificate, diploma, or degree certain was $55, 825, while that of native non immigrants averaged $69, 999. NHS statistics in 2011 showed that the average income of individuals who were not a visible minority averaged $ 42,196 while that of visible minorities were lower. For instance the average income of Chinese was found to be $34, 301 (SOC 260 Lecture 7). Handy jobs as car repairs are considered the jobs of men. Society believes that a female can only have less demanding roles as sitting behind a desk all day answering calls. In my place of work, most workers are male. I have only one female colleague who works as a receptionist too. In my opinion, female workers have better social skills as compared to men that enable them to deal with customers effectively. It is important to consider the fact that gender inequality has been prevalent almost everywhere in the world. Gender inequality is supported by a number of theories. For instance, ladies are structured on a particular aspect within the society. They are considered to be affectionate and less proficient. This theory is referred to as ambivalent sexism. Therefore, women end up being labeled with a lot of sympathy while men are considered skilled. Men are conventionally considered officious and dominant. (Linda and Brooks 185). There are many social problems associated with inequal ity within the society. As a result of discrimination, some people may result to delinquent behaviors. Research has shown that places with high levels of inequality have high levels of crime related incidences. Other associated problems include eating disorders leading to obesity, and also mental illnesses (Linda and Brooks 197). Traditionally, women were required to stay at home and perfume household chores such as cooking, washing, and looking after children. Men, on the other hand, spent their whole day working in the farms and earning a livelihood in order to take care of their families. Conventionally, work is considered a result of history. Various jobs were designed in a way that does not allow an individual to be involved in other duties such as looking after children and other household activities. This is because these jobs are very demanding and multitasking would affect the quality of work. Society requires women to bear children, breast feed them, and look after them (D emaiter and Adams 33). Many job descriptions in the modern world lack provisions for these feminine activities. How Race and ethnicity affects experiences in the workplace The ethnic background of an individual plays an important role in how s/he is treated in the work place. I am a Chinese by race and ethnicity. It is evident that i have tried to lessen

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