Sunday, November 17, 2019

Enhanced Reading Instructions Essay Example for Free

Enhanced Reading Instructions Essay Differentiated Instructional need of students makes it imperative for a teacher to plan out her instruction in small groups and separate reading centres to give students ample practice. Teachers form small flexible groups of students ,meeting twice or thrice a week for a specific time. The teacher draws up similar structure† to generate ideas, stimulate thinking, make plans and create a desire†. (Cited in Guiding writing and Observing Reading, p. 385). Teachers† find more opportunity to use their knowledge and skills more fully and effectively†. (cited in Making Instructional Decisions, p. 461). â€Å"Many use alternative strategies in   order to meet the special need of the students† (Modifying Lessons, p. 461) Alternative lesson structures recommends the use of at least two types of lesson structures. One Guided Reading and the other Skill Focused Lessons. It follows a pattern where the text is selected, introduced, read and discussed. In a Teacher- led- centre, â€Å"the option most favored today, centre on integrated curriculum, an effort to connect the language arts with other subject areas, often through themes. Integration is encouraged across all subject areas, including math â€Å". (Basal Readers and Instructional Materials, Chp13, p. 0) â€Å"Skill development and practice activities are often interspersed with creative enrichment ideas in the teacher’s guide. †(Chp13, p. 460) Students who need focused learning to become fluent and accurate in their usage, Skill Focused Lessons are planned out by a teacher, like †writing, talking,.. brainstorming role playing, doodling, drawing, cartooning, jotting own ideas, taking notes, interviewing and even forming mental images through visualization and graphic organizers. †(Guiding Writing and Observing Reading p. 385). Thus guidelines are set , which help enhance effective reading writing in a classroom. Reference

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